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Welcome to the register of BCS members with CITP status and Fellowship

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Chartered IT Professional Members

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If your details have changed or you wish to be excluded from the list please contact us.

This Register includes only those BCS members awarded Chartered IT Professional status and Fellowship and is therefore not a register of all members at all grades.

Results for Chartered IT Professional Members

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Surnames beginning with 'P'

Member Name    
Packer, Andrew
Packer, Martin Geoffrey Lawson
Padia, Jairam Jamnadas
Padmore, Steven Thomas
Page, Antony John
Page, Christopher
Page, David Strathearn
Page, Ian
Page, Steven John
Page, Timothy Douglas
Paige, Robin Arthur Frederick
Pain, Nigel David Aubrey
Paine, Christopher Murray
Paine, Graham John
Paker, Yakup
Pakhira, Anjan
Palacio Sleeman, Kevin Wayne
Paley, Gareth William
Palmer, Adam Benjamin
Palmer, Andrew
Palmer, Andrew William John
Palmer, Anthony Aloysius
Palmer, Bovell Anthony
Palmer, David Michael
Palmer, Ian Michael
Palmer, John
Palmer, John
Palmer, John William
Palmer, Lisa
Palmer, Peter Frank
Palmer, Thomas David
Pamment, Michael Bernard
Panacer, Rasham Singh
Panario, Michael Charles
Pandeya, Ishwar Raj
Panesar, Dharam P.K
Panesar, Ravinder S
Panesar, Sudarshan Singh
Pang, Chi Wai
Pang, Chun Kit

Register of Chartered IT Professionals  - Awarded by other membership bodies

Welcome to the register of those Chartered IT Professionals awarded CITP status by another membership body, under license from BCS.

CITP – awarded by other membership bodies
If your details have changed or you wish to be excluded from this list, please advise the membership body through which your CITP status was awarded.